SEGA Students Visit US During Annual Cultural Exchange

Nurturing Minds welcomed two SEGA students to the US this past month as part of an annual cultural exchange program. The two lucky students to visit the US were Elizabeth and Nadhiri, both Form 3 students. The SEGA faculty selected Elizabeth and Nadhiri for the exchange program due to their leadership potential, open-mindedness, maturity, confidence, English skills and their poise — all characteristics that their host families and Nurturing Minds supporters complimented them on endlessly.

Cultural Exchange #1.png

The 5-week exchange program was packed with cultural experiences and Nurturing Minds Events. Elizabeth and Nadhiri stayed with two generous host families and took Intensive English classes at the Cambridge House College in Boston. The girls then took off on a whirlwind city tour of Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York. During their visits to the cities, the girls toured famous landmarks and historical sites such as the Lincoln Memorial, Independence Hall, Times Square and the UN. One of the highlights for both girls was a tour of Columbia University’s medical and dental schools where they got to go behind the scenes and learn more about medical schooling. Since both girls aspire to be doctors, this was a very influential aspect of their time in the US!

In each of the cities they visited Elizabeth and Nadhiri attended Nurturing Minds events and house parties. They even made special trips to events in New Hampshire and Florida! At each event the girls shared their stories, backgrounds, appreciation for SEGA and their aspirations. It was inspirational for Nurturing Minds supporters to meet the students and hear how influential SEGA has been in their lives.

Overall Elizabeth and Nadhiri adjusted well to life in the US, although they found it funny how much Americans love dogs; having pets, especially pets that are treated as part of the family, was a very foreign and funny concept to them. The girls made sure to share aspects of Tanzanian culture with their host families by playing Tanzanian music and eating at local Tanzanian restaurants.

Cultural Exchange #2.png

It was a mutually wonderful program for the students and for all the Nurturing Minds supporters who met them. Thank you to all the generous volunteers and supporters who welcomed Elizabeth and Nadhiri during their time in the US.