SEGA Celebrates its Fourth Graduation

Another Milestone for SEGA and Our Students

This past Saturday SEGA honored the graduation of its 4th class! Each graduation is a milestone for our students, their families and the school itself. Graduation is a time of celebrating incredible accomplishments as well as a time to reflect on just how far our students have come and the obstacles they have surmounted to reach this moment. 

Considering that girls’ education is not a priority in Tanzania, and that many of our students come from vulnerable backgrounds, we are unabashedly proud to think that during our students’ time at SEGA they studied entrepreneurship, life skills, female empowerment, in addition to their regular course load. Outside of classes, graduates attended conferences in Kenya and Uganda, experienced life in the United States, built up their community through various service trips and mentored younger students. We couldn’t be more proud and impressed by all that our students have achieved and how much they’ve grown. 

The graduation ceremony itself was a joyous celebration. As with any happy occasion at SEGA, the ceremony was filled with dancing – students, parents and teachers all participated! Teachers honored graduates with various awards for their achievements – such as Best Discipline, English Award, Chemistry Award and Best Booking Keeping. Younger students participated in the ceremony by acting out skits relating to real life situations and lessons. Madam Liberata Mulamula, the former Tanzanian Ambassador to the United States, presided over the ceremony as SEGA’s Guest of Honor.

With graduation behind them, SEGA’s twenty-five graduates now continue to study for their national exams in November which will largely determine their next steps — whether it be further education, vocational schools or jobs. Wherever their lives take them, we feel confident that they are equipped with invaluable life skills and the ability to succeed. 

Hongera Sana SEGA Graduates!