SEGA Hosts Semi-Annual Parents’ Meeting

Open Communication with Students’ Parents Fosters Supportive Environment

SEGA prides itself in creating a supportive, nurturing environments for its students. One way that SEGA helps create this environment is to communicate frequently and openly with students’ parents through semi-annual Parents Meetings. These meetings are an important time for SEGA’s administration to connect with students’ parents. Together teachers and parents work to accomplish a number of goals.

  • First, teachers and parents discuss and share issues they observe the girls struggling with. Parents and the school administration brainstorm changes and solutions to help girls overcome challenges both at school or at home. 
  • Second, when the girls see that their parents and teachers are aligned and supportive of their education it helps improve their behavior and increase their responsibility. It’s very motivating to for the girls to see how much everyone cares about their education.
  • Third, during these meetings the SEGA administration can update parents on SEGA’s growth, successes and challenges. Understanding events at SEGA helps parents better appreciate the progress of their daughters.
  • Fourth, SEGA’s counsellors teach parents ways to best support their children, address disciplinary problems and resolve conflicts. Most Tanzanian schools do not have counseling departments, so this is an invaluable resource for SEGA families especially since students come from varied and vulnerable backgrounds. SEGA’s counseling department meets with every student individually to evaluate potential psychological and emotional issues. Our counselors address these needs directly with students and also advise parents on how they can help their daughters. It is crucial for parents to know about the different issues that arise during counseling sessions and to learn how to create a more supportive environment at home. Often times psychological and emotional troubles have a negative impact on the students’ academic performance and on their behavior at school, so it is extremely important to students and parents to work together on these issues.
  • Last, but certainly not least, these Parent Meetings are a fun time for the girls to spend time with their parents. Since all SEGA students live at the school and don’t get to see their families often, these meetings give the girls a chance to show their parents what they’re learning.  The girls are quite proud of their school and their academic accomplishments, so it is a meaningful time for all involved.

We are grateful for the support of our students’ families and investment in their daughter’s education!