A Huge Milestone for SEGA & Student Nusura

SEGA Graduate Accepted to African Leadership Academy

Several weeks ago, SEGA received exciting news. Nusura, a 2015 SEGA graduate, was accepted into the African Leadership Academy! This is a huge milestone for Nusura and SEGA as the African Leadership Academy (ALA) is one of the most prestigious programs African students can attend. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, ALA identifies young leaders between the ages of 16 and 19 from across the continent with demonstrated leadership potential, a passion for Africa, entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong record of community service. Even after graduating from the program, ALA continues to cultivate these leaders throughout their lives, in university and beyond, supporting their growth through access to internships and careers and connecting them to high-impact networks of people and capital that will empower them to create transformative change. 

Nusura is just one of 5 students accepted to ALA from Tanzania – a true testament to her hard work and SEGA’s ability to bring out young women’s true potential.  ALA begins its academic year in September so in the meantime Nusura has since returned to SEGA to visit, continue studying and prepare for this next step in her life. 

Nusura’s success comes as no surprise, as she has long been a role model for her fellow students. She faces challenges with a positive attitude and embraces leadership roles effortlessly. Nusura’s compassion for her peers and unwavering determination makes her an excellent example for her classmates.

Nusura’s acceptence to ALA has been met with contagious enthusiasm and an outpouring of excitement by all. Nusura recounted that when she called her grandmother (her guardian) to share the good news, her grandmother was so excited that she had to call Nusura back because she couldn’t stop crying from of pure joy! On campus, teachers and students alike showered Nusura with congratulations and well wishes. 

Congratulations Nusura and all of SEGA!