SEGA’s Anti-Ivory Club & JulietteSpeaks Work Together

A Fundraiser to Stop Elephant Poaching & Empower SEGA’s Anti-Ivory Club

SEGA’s Anti-Ivory Club is taking their activism to a new level with the help of  JulietteSpeaks, an organization committed to saving elephants and developing youth leaders. Beginning on February 1, 2015 JulietteSpeaks launched a fundraiser to raise money for SEGA’s Anti-Ivory Club so that the club can further develop their anti-ivory campaigns and reach more and more audiences.

To date SEGA’s Anti-Ivory Club members have gone to great lengths to educate themselves about the poaching trade and how to best protect elephants by visiting local animal reserves. Armed with in-depth knowledge the girls then traveled to other nearby schools to spread awareness of the ivory trade and empower students to start their own anti-ivory clubs.

With the help of this fundraiser SEGA’s Anti-Ivory Club will have the means to continue to spread their anti-poaching message. Juliette, founder of JulietteSpeaks, said this about the work SEGA’s Anti-Ivory Club is doing, “There is no limit to what these girls can do. Not only are they breaking cultural stereotypes about their capabilities as young women, but they are making a difference for a species that is dangerously close to extinction. All funds will go to the club for new projects in 2015.”

We hope you will check out all the work that SEGA’s Anti-Ivory Club has already accomplished and follow the success of this fundraiser! Or if you’re interested in supporting the cause you can make a donation here.