A Class Act

The New Semester Begins with Great News

The roaring cheer was part joy and part relief. Form III students had been waiting months to receive their National Examinations of Tanzania (NECTA) results from the previous year. They received the scores and learned that for a third consecutive year, 100% of the Form III’s passed their Form II NECTA’s.

On a formal level, the national exams determine if a student is fit to progress to the next Form. For Yustina John, passing these exams is an affirmation, “How can I explain my happiness? I am just so excited, I will be able to continue my studies and hopefully achieve me dreams and be a doctor.”

The achievement reaches far beyond the 2014 Form III class. Headmistress Anastazia emphasized the power of SEGA’s community, “Let us have a clap for your teachers, who taught you the material you needed to know in order to pass…For non teachers, the drivers who picked up your teachers to get here… the matron who takes care of you when you are sick, and the cooks who make sure you have food to eat and energy…”

All of the resources and support found at SEGA, matched with the students’ determination makes the 13 ‘A’ grades in the NECTA’s English section no surprise; it was the highest number of ‘A’s in any subject.

The recent success of the NECTA exams is inspiring the girls to recommit to their academics and dream of their future carreers. For example, Jessca Juma, a Form III student is focused on achieving success and pursuing her desired profession. “I want to be a policewoman. I want to protect Tanzania from enemies. I notice the policewomen are very good to people and helpful.” For Juma, this is completely possible. Academics aside, Juma radiates confidence so strongly, it is a lesson for everyone she interacts with, “I love speaking English. I can talk to anybody. I had some confidence when I came [to SEGA] but since I’ve been here, I have much more.”

And while Form III’s are still celebrating their noteworthy test results from last year, they are already preparing for this year’s Form IV NECTA exams. Yustina John, a book in hand on a quiet Sunday afternoon explains, “We must start working now. The Form IV’s have told us that [classes] get much harder. I am already practicing.”

The all-for-one mentality has always been part of SEGA’s formula. With each Form II that has a 100% passing rate on their exams, they set a precedent for the Form I’s.

It was Headmistress Ana Lukomo who said it best, “ Form III’s, you are leaders, you have shown the Form II’s what they need to do. Form II, you must be ready to study hard—this is your challenge now. Look to your older sisters who have been successful. Form IV and Form III, I expect you to be helpful and encourage them to study. You are leaders of the school, you with the teachers, we can all be helpful.”

Her speech was no test, but their animated, “Yes Madam, ” indicates the students will follow through, 100%.

— Ellie Schneidman