Sega’s First Class Graduates

A Special Celebration Honoring Significant Accomplishments

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Last week was a very special week; Sega’s first class graduated! In some ways it feels like just yesterday, and in other ways it feels like eons ago, that Sega’s first class began their education in a borrowed classroom in 2008. The effort these students put forth and the transformation that these students underwent over the last four years was mirrored by the effort and transformation of Sega itself – meaning the graduation ceremony was a significant event for more reason than one.

In the days leading up to graduation anticipation ran high. Students, teachers, administrators and volunteers helped create decorations, festive food and presentations to celebrate the occasion. In addition, students made souvenirs – handbags, floor mats and cards for the graduates and visiting guests. There was also celebratory dancing (a favorite Sega pastime), singing and presenting of original plays.

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A particular highlight was the ceremony itself, during which USAID Tanzania Mission Director, Sharon Cromer, addressed the graduates, students, families and Sega team. Sharon praised the hard work and accomplishments of the students, founders, and sponsors – emphasizing the importance of educating women. As a recipient of an educational grant herself during her high school years, Sharon was able to relate well to the students – the struggles they have overcome and the challenges they will face in the future. She encouraged the girls to pursue whatever individual goal they each hold in their hearts and to follow it no matter what.

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By the end of the ceremony there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. The success of the graduates is tremendous and their potential is even greater. We are so immensely proud of our graduates for their success and wish them the best of luck as they follow their passions, skills and personal path. We also want to thank each and every person who has helped this school become what it is today – educating and giving over 200 girls a second chance – every helping hand has made a difference.

Here is a parting observation that perfectly describes the sentiment of the event…

“I looked across to the students, sitting under a tent and sharing water bottles. Crisp uniforms and special glitter on their faces for the day. I will always remember these students. They are inspirational in their quiet resilience. Sega Girls School is a place for many cultures, many complications, many questions and uncertainties. But graduation was a reminder of the force of people. My friends there –whether studying or teaching– are the hardest working people on Earth. They make hard decisions. They support each other and put love out into the world. They meet struggle with tenacity.”     – Annie Sarachan

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