Creativity and Art Continues to Blossom at Sega

Student-Created Mural Combines Fun and Learning

Over the past several months Sega has been in the process of creating an art curriculum and engaging the students in creative work. The desire for an art program was further inspired by Meg Saligman’s visit this past summer, during which she helped paint a beautiful mural on Sega’s water tower. Although this specific project only took a few weeks, Sega has continued to promote creativity and art – with great success.

Annie Sarachan, who assisted with the water tower mural, is leading the charge to create a long-lasting art curriculum for Sega. One of her first projects was inspiring and helping the students create their own mural.

Judging by the final product the mural was a huge success – as a teaching tool and as a fun project for the students. Through its vibrant colors and talented brush strokes, this student-created mural will continue to remind students of their creative potential and their achievements.

Art (thumbnail).jpg