Nusura’s First Week

Embracing the Challenges and Highlights of American Life

Nusura's First Week (thumbnail).jpg

Nusura, a third-year Sega student participating in an exchange program at the Friend’s Central School outside of Philadelphia, has had a very busy first week. Within a matter days she has started school, adjusted to family life with the Saligman family and even visited Washington D.C.!

Concerning school, Nusura says, “I have some new friends… It was very fun to be at school. All subjects are okay. I think the big issue is language, but I promise I will get used to it.” One can only imagine the challenges of trying to learn challenging academic material in a foreign language! Currently Nusura’s favorite subject is Art.

While school is going well, so far the highlight of Nusura’s time in the US is living with the Saligman family, who is generously hosting her for the semester. In summary, Nusura “At home is very happy life. They are so nice and good for me. They see me like their real relative. I love to be in this house.” Thank you to all of the Saligmans for making Nusura feel so at home!

Last but not least, Nusura and the Saligmans visited Washington D.C. to see the nation’s capital and many monuments. While the trip was fun and very different from anything Nusura had experienced before, it seemed that the cold weather had captured Nusura’s attention perhaps even more than the capital’s monuments!

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We are very proud of Nusura for embracing all of her experiences no matter how different they might be from what she is used to in Tanzania.

Stay tuned to hear more about Nusura’s semester in the States!