Encouraging Academic Progress

Form Two National Exam Results are Announced

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This past week the Form Two National Exam scores were released and we are proud to say the results are very encouraging. First and foremost, all of our students passed – hooray! The exam scores rank Sega 79thout of 379 schools in its region; or in other words, Sega is in the top 21% of regional academic institutions. These exam results are slightly lower than last year, with math being a particular challenge. Consistent strong academic performance continues to be a goal for Sega, with extra emphasis on increasing math comprehension.  Three students who deserve particular recognition for their academic excellence and top exam scores are Antonia Joseph, Evelyne Gaspar and Nusura Gundi – Congratulations! We are very proud of all of our students and are thankful to all those who have supported and helped the girls with their academics.

Stay tuned for the Form Four National Exam results that will be announced in March.