Celebrating International Women’s Day!

In celebration of International Women’s Day we wanted to highlight our sponsorship program. Sponsorship allows supporters to directly connect and correspond with a student – often forming a close relationship, even from thousands of miles away.  Rather than taking our word for how powerful this program can be for both students and sponsors, we’ve asked several sponsors to share their experience – keep reading to be inspired!


How/why did you become involved in Nurturing Minds’ sponsorship program?

“I was lucky enough to go on a safari in Tanzania. My family fell in love with Joseph, our tour guide, and the country. I felt I couldn't take our family safari without giving something back to the country and the people who had given our family such joy. I learned about the SEGA School through American friends and choosing to sponsor a student seemed to be the perfect choice. I also believe strongly that the fate of any country depends on having well educated women who understand their choices and freely exercise them.” – Margy Anderson

What has been the most rewarding/fulfilling part of the sponsorship program for you?

“The most rewarding part has been knowing that I am helping an ambitious girl achieve her dreams and rise above the circumstances that she was born into. Enabling one woman creates a ripple effect as it has been proven that women use their experiences and good fortune to help those around them.” – Victoria Hammarskjold

The Tree of Knowledge mural at SEGA

The Tree of Knowledge mural at SEGA

Has there been a specific interaction or experience that has been particularly impactful to you?

”I have come to identify with my sponsored student Anyesi.  She has progressed beautifully in her classes, although she has a bit if difficulty with math, as did I.  The last time I received a letter she was interested in becoming a nurse.  She likes history and excels in this class. Anyesi shares her trips home with her family and tells me of their activities.  I wish I had the health and stamina to travel to Tanzania as I have come to love this young girl.”

“I was also so pleased to learn that when the girls graduate they are still followed by the school, whether they go on to higher learning or begin training in another field.  It is so important for them to know that they have the support and counseling of Sega behind them when they are out in the larger world.” – Elaine Butler


What would you tell Nurturing Minds supporters who are considering becoming a sponsor?

“We would definitely urge them to do it. Not only for the warm feeling of drastically changing someone's life for the better, but we think that if you are in a position to help, you should be helping. And helping the most marginalized and underprivileged group, by sponsoring their education, is the real privilege.” - Sinisa Jovic


If you are looking for a way to have a meaningful impact on our students, we encourage you to consider becoming a sponsor. We offer two levels of sponsorship for you to consider – our Tree of Knowledge ($2,500/year) or the Scholarship Level ($750/year). Please click here to learn more about the specifics of the Sponsorship program and make the commitment to begin changing a girl’s life today.

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us here at SEGA and Nurturing Minds!