Youth Organization Fundraises for SEGA

Fairview High School Club Fundraises for SEGA and Sponsors Students

Fairview High School Nurturing Minds Club is a youth-led group that holds annual fundraisers to support SEGA. Here is an update from the club and their recent fundraising efforts!

My name is Bryn Dessel. I am part of the teen chapter for Nurturing Minds. This year three fellow members and I, Connor Devery, Grace Tompkins, and Emmy Strongwater, have decided to expand our work and create the Fairview High School Nurturing Minds Club. The focus of the club is to fundraise for the SEGA Girls School.  We have had terrific interest in the club – with over 40 students joining the organization! To start off the year, our first fundraiser was selling shirts to the student body at Fairview High School and it was an immense success.  Students enjoyed the shirts and a large proportion of students helped us raise money by buying shirts. You can always see at least one of our Nurturing Minds shirts in the school hallways.

Our second fundraiser was selling dog treats for Valentines Day. We have done this fundraiser throughout the community in the past, but now we have more participants selling dog treats, so we hope that it will be more successful then it has ever been before.

Our fundraising has allowed our group to sponsor three girls at SEGA, Agnes, Consolatha Mtitu & Sophia Karangushi. Our club wrote them letters and can’t wait to receive letters back from them. We hope we can establish a letter writing exchange not only with our sponsored students, but with other SEGA students as well. 

As the year continues, we have more events and projects planned to further benefit SEGA Girls School. Our group is excited to see what we can accomplish with this new club. We hope to further our efforts, as well as to can establish a relationship with more students at the SEGA Girls School.

Thank you to Bryn, and the entire Fairview High School Nurturing Minds Club. We are so thankful for your fundraising efforts for SEGA and your continued support of our students!