Things We Love About SEGA

Valentine’s Day is a fun day when we take the time to express appreciation for the things we love while eating chocolates or those little heart candies with the words on them.

Personally, I could gush about all the things I love about SEGA—the smart and driven students, the dedicated teachers, the beautiful buildings and grounds, the clubs, the academics, the garden, girl power, sisterhood—but instead will share with you what the SEGA students and teachers love.

“What I love about SEGA, is learning how to speak English. For instance before coming to SEGA I was not able to speak English but now I can speak proudly. We also have professional teachers and staff who really take care of us and make sure we are happy and healthy all the time.” – Leonia, Form 3

“SEGA is like a hub that produces really well rounded people, and even more special because it gives young, vulnerable girls a chance to shine. I love SEGA because it nurtures not only the students, but also the staff, as the results of very dedicated and passionate people behind it, Happy Valentines to Nurturing Minds and SEGA.” -Clementina Adam, Msichana wa Kisasa Program Coordinator (Education for Life Department)

“I love SEGA because SEGA has motivated my leadership potential, my passion for Africa, women and girls all around the world, my entrepreneurship spirit, and my academic achievement. SEGA is giving us quality education.” – Elina, Form 3

SEGA staff members Jane, Tina and Pauline.

SEGA staff members Jane, Tina and Pauline.

“To me what I love at SEGA are the students. They are very confident and hardworking girls. They are charming and really enjoy being at SEGA. Every time I hear them expressing themselves in English, I wish them all the best in their studies.” -Blastus Mwizarubi, SEGA Board Member and School Manager

“What I love about SEGA is the environment itself. SEGA is beautiful, lots of flowers and beautiful buildings. SEGA is also  giving us a quality education which will make my life better and helps me to know my rights as a young girl. At SEGA we make new friends every year, and make new friends from outside the country, who we get to communicate with and share with them our happiness.” – Faith, Form 3

The SEGA girls also continued the One Billion Rising tradition and performed their Break the Chain dance today. In case you missed last year’s post on this event, or would like a refresher, One Billion Rising is the largest mass action to end violence against women. One billion girls and women will be beaten or raped in their lifetime (about 1 in 3 women) and this campaign rallies people around the world to RISE in “Solidarity Against the Exploitation of Women.” Exploitation against women and girls was part of the impetus for the construction and development of the SEGA Girls School and of Nurturing Minds, which is dedicated to educating Tanzanian girls who are poor, marginalized and at-risk of becoming involved in exploitative forms of child labor. SEGA provides a safe and happy center of excellence where girls can focus on their high-quality education and on developing leadership, strong values, and a healthy self-esteem.

So here we are today, celebrating love, female empowerment, strength, and solidarity. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Peace Corps volunteer Susan poses with a group of SEGA students for Valentine’s Day.

Peace Corps volunteer Susan poses with a group of SEGA students for Valentine’s Day.