Meet SEGA’s Teachers

Teachers Speak About Their Inspiration to Educate Girls

SEGA’s teachers are incredibly important to fostering students’ growth and creating a positive school environment. Our teachers are the glue that holds the school together and they are the role models who inspire our students. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds but they all have one thing in common – their passion and commitment to giving SEGA’s students the best education possible.

Olivia – English Teacher

Olivia teaches English to SEGA’s youngest class, Standard 7. When asked about her passion for teaching Olivia says, “I have always wanted to be a teacher, I have always wanted people to learn from me. I have always loved English, and had great English teachers growing up while I was in school.”

Olivia uses different teaching techniques to keep students interested and engaged. When asked about her classes, Olivia says, “The Standard 7s are ready to learn. They are eager. They show interest in learning English. Since I began teaching them, I have seen a vast improvement in their English skills. They speak it while in campus, and are striving to be fluent”.

 Jane – Life Skills Teacher

SEGA’s Life Skills program is one of the  things that sets SEGA apart from other schools. As the teacher of this important curriculum, Jane teaches girls confidence, health and hygiene, pregnancy prevention, communication and other important skills. When asked about her inspiration behind her classes Jane says, “My favorite classes to teach are about self-esteem and self-confidence. Our girls are at risk when they are not at SEGA. Having confidence means that they can defend themselves in any situation in the real world. As they learn in my classes, I have seen a change in them. They are gaining confidence. During the daily morning talks, when the girls must give a speech in English in front of their fellow students, you can see improvement. They used to be shy, and to look at the ground, and speak quietly. Now, they speak strongly and keep eye contact. I try to teach them that this is their one chance, and that they must use it effectively.”

Simwanza – Academic Master & Civics and English Teacher

Simwanza always knew he wanted to be a teacher. Reflecting on his career and growth as a teacher he says, “I had a very good History teacher in A-Level, and ever since then, I have always wanted to be a teacher. I saw myself reflected in my teacher. ‘The mouth creates’, what we say, we become, so I said that I wanted to be a teacher.”

Simwanza completed his goal to become a teacher and is now a valuable part of the SEGA administration. He says, “My favorite part of SEGA is that the teachers are free to express their opinions”. Teachers’ freedom to share ideas, constructive criticism and brainstorm ways to better the school is a rare privilege in Tanzania and one that our teachers take very seriously. Simwanza is equally proud of SEGA’s work outside of the classroom. He says, “At SEGA, we are more than an academic institution. We work hard to make sure that the girls have the skills to prosper after SEGA.” Simwanza’s passion for his work and for SEGA’s students is truly apparent in his work.

Our teachers are changing the world by educating our students. We are so thankful for their invaluable work and leadership!