Happy New Year from SEGA and Nurturing Minds

Reflecting on 2016 and Looking Ahead to 2017

Happy New Year! With the start of 2017 Nurturing Minds and SEGA are reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the upcoming year with high goals and hopes.

2016 saw continued growth, academic success and more entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities for the students. Looking at the big picture, we currently educate over 200 students between 7th grade (standard VII) – 11th grade (Form IV). SEGA is among the top 25% of small schools in Tanzania, boasting an impressive 98% exam pass rate. Students have access to a campus computer lab, library, science lab and infirmary – to name just a few of the school’s facilities. Outside of traditional courses, SEGA started a new outreach program known as Msichana Kisasa to bring our Life Skills curriculum to girls aged 10-18 in 6 communities throughout Tanzania. We also started a new tourism and hospitality training unit on campus – offering our students valuable work and entrepreneurial experience.

As for 2017, students have just returned to campus after the holiday break. The girls are glad to be back with their fellow classmates and starting a new academic year! Meet a few of our students:

Meet Prisca, she is one of our new Form 1 students. Prisca is 13 years old. Some of her hobbies include singing and dancing. Her favorite subject is chemistry, and so far her favorite thing about SEGA is seeing students being encouraged to develop independent study skills. Prisca’s hope for this year is to do well in her examinations. 

Meet Aisha! Aisha is one of our new standard seven students. Aisha is 12 years old and she likes to study, and practice sports. One of her favorite things about SEGA so far is the time the students get to play sports in the afternoons. Aisha’s hope for this year is to be the best student in her class.

New Year 2017 #2.jpg

Meet Leah, she is one of our new Form 1 students. Leah is 14 years old and her favorite subject math. Leah likes to dance, and her favorite thing about SEGA are the dormitories.

We wish our students and our supporters a healthy and happy new year. We are excited to continue to see SEGA grow and to see our students succeed!