Exciting Next Steps for SEGA Graduates

In October, we cheered as the 35 Form IV students celebrated their graduation from SEGA. In November they sat for their national exams and returned home to await the results. Nationally, 70% of Form IV students passed the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) examination (All Africa) while 97% of SEGA’s students passed!

Once the graduates received their exam scores, they returned to SEGA to work with the Education for Life Department on career development. Our graduates have gone on to pursue Forms V and VI (A-Levels, which are open to the highest scoring students and which put them on track for university), and two-year junior colleges in nursing, teaching, business and non-profit management. During the nine months between when Form IV graduates finish their O-Levels (Ordinary Level education) at SEGA and when they can pursue advanced degrees, some students join the Modern Girl Outreach Program and others learn on the job skills at short-term internship placements. With short-term internships, SEGA graduates are exposed to new skills and opportunities and can showcase their abilities with confidence. For graduates continuing on to A-Levels and junior colleges, SEGA is thrilled to provide scholarships. We are very grateful for our career counselors who provide support for SEGA graduates in their exciting and promising next steps.

This year, 17 student graduates currently have internship placements. Four are doing their internships in Ilula, Iringa, which is about 320 km (200 miles) from Morogoro and are interning with the Ilula Orphanage Program, working in the Orphanage’s shop, helping the children, working on the Orphanage farms and helping with other daily activities. Seven graduates are participating in the Modern Girl Program in Iringa, five are interning at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro and one graduate is part of Modern Girl Program in Morogoro. Currently, we provide scholarships for all SEGA graduates who go on to continue their education (about 80% of students). Without these scholarships they would not have the means to accomplish this next vital step in their education.

We caught up with a few of the graduates and asked them about their plans now that they are proud SEGA graduates!

SEGA Graduate, Rehema

SEGA Graduate, Rehema

Since passing her National Form Four examination, Rehema has been helping out at home and has just joined the Modern Girl Program in Morogoro with other former graduates. She is waiting for the Government High Level School selection for Form Five and Six and will officially start in April. She plans to open a small store in her village to support her family.

Hawa is starting college applications to further the strong education she received at SEGA. Right now she has an internship at the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro. She and the other SEGA interns are assisting with cooking biscuits, food packaging, and juice making and all the stages of food preparations.

SEGA Graduate, Sophia

SEGA Graduate, Sophia

Sophia passed her examinations and is hoping to be selected by the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy to continue her education. Her dream is to be an accountant.

Nadhiri (who was selected in 2016 to visit the US for the annual cultural exchange) is also interning at the Sokoine University of Agriculture where she is “learning by doing.” In September she wants to go to college and will choose between nursing or teaching.

After her examination, Dorcas worked part time at the Spice Processing Industry and is now also at the Sokoine University of Agriculture. Her plan is pursue a college degree in clothing design so she can fulfill her dream of being a designer.
We are so proud of all of our graduates and are excited to see how they will change the world!

– Shanna Keown, Nurturing Minds Advisor and Blog Contributor