A Closer Look at SEGA’s Career Development Program

What happens to students after they graduate from SEGA?

Over the course of 4+ years SEGA teaches its students academics, leadership skills, self confidence, entrepreneurial ideas,  life skills and much more, but SEGA’s support doesn’t stop at graduation; through its Career Development Program SEGA helps girls apply to and attend internships, jobs and further schooling. 

After gradation in October, most students attend an Intensive Computer Training course on campus – a course that teaches graduates essential computer skills that they can use in almost any job setting. The Intensive Computer Training course takes place in the waiting period between graduation and when students receive their national exam results in the spring.

Depending on their exam results, students have several options as to how and where they continue their education or career. Historically 75% of our students score well enough to pursue higher education. 98% of SEGA students pass their national exams, in comparison to the 68% national average pass rate.

  • The highest scoring students will apply to Advanced Level High Schools. These schools are the best pathway for girls to attend university.
  • Some girls will apply to 2-year junior colleges which will help prepare them to be teachers, administrators, NGO managers and nurses.
  • Other students will participate in an internship for more “on the job” training. Many of these internships focus on teaching other girls essential life skills (e.g. self-confidence, sexual education, health etc.) 
  • For girls who do not wish to continue their education, SEGA helps find job placements or build a business plan for an entrepreneurial business. 

Throughout the entire application and educational transition students work with SEGA’s Career Development Counseling team.  The team helps girls with their applications and ensure the programs they are attending are safe and reputable. They also visit every graduate to check-in on her at her new school or job. 

The counseling team frequently reports that not only do SEGA graduates feel well prepared to pursue higher education or a job, but their teachers and supervisors often notice how confident, well-spoken and well-adjusted SEGA students are. A teacher and administrator at the Institute of Management and Development Studies said, “There is a definite difference between SEGA students and others.  They’re very active and ask lots of questions. Their grades are promising for the coursework and they cooperate well with others and are active and participate in class.”

We are very proud to see our students applying the skills they learned at SEGA to new educational and professional settings. After all, one of our most important goals is to empower girls and give them the tools to pursue careers and dreams that otherwise would not be possible — there’s no doubt we’re succeeding!