The Anti-Ivory Club Takes a Field Trip

SEGA Students Teach Anti-Ivory Education

Anti-Ivory Club 2014 #1.jpg

Yesterday thirty-two students from  SEGA’s Anti-Ivory Club took a field trip to the Yespa Secondary School in the Kihonda village of Morogoro to teach the Yespa students about saving elephants and stopping the ivory trade. The girls shared their knowledge about poaching and anti-ivory practices through song, interactive learning and discussion.  Mr. Enock, a former SEGA teacher, concluded the presentation by summarizing a number of initiatives that the club has supported. For example, he read a letter that the Anti-Ivory club sent to the President of Thailand asking for cooperation in ending the ivory trade and encouraged the Yespa student to take similar action. Many of the Yespa students were very interested in the anti-ivory cause and bought a number of t-shirts that the SEGA students were selling as a fundraiser. The goal of field trips such as this is to raise awareness about the illegal poaching and encourage others to speak out about the cause. Overall, it was a fun and successful field trip for all participants!