A Closer Look at Post Graduation Internships

Students Learn Skills through Real Work Environments

SEGA continues to help and support our students even after graduation. One of the ways we do this is by offering internships to a select number of graduates. Currently seven students from the Class of 2014 are engaged in internships.

  • Two students have internships at SEGA. One graduate works in the Career Counseling unit distributing scholarship money through the phone banking system and checking in with current students regarding their career aspirations. The second SEGA intern helps with the school’s Poultry Program by recording data on the chickens, caring for the hens and preparing the eggs for purchase (featured in photo below).


  • Two students are interning at the Mission for Homeless Children, a nearby orphanage, working with the children in their poultry unit, nursery school and administrative office. These graduates teach the children to feed and care for the chickens and help the orphanage teachers with classroom activities.
  • Two girls are at Fundacion Paraguaya in Morogoro , a partner of SEGA, working with local schools to implement business club activities and teaching administrative skills (featured in photo below).


  • One student is doing an internship with a local fashion designer to learn how to successfully design and model clothing.
  • In addition, SEGA facilitated an internship for one student from the Class of 2013 with Faraja Trust in Morogoro, an organization that works to assist HIV/AIDS affected youth and families. This student collects data and conducts HIV/AIDS prevention seminars.

We are confident that our students will learn valuable lessons and skills from these work environments.