The First Annual Girls’ Leadership Summit

Sega Students Attend Summit and Develop Leadership Skills       

First Leadership Summit #1.jpg

This weekend five Sega students and Career Counselor, Amina Komba, are attending the 1st Annual Girls’ Leadership Summit in Nairobi.  Over the course of 5 days the girls will meet with female social entrepreneurs, tell their own stories, emphasize critical thinking, practice yoga and meditation and most importantly, set goals for themselves and for the conference next year. By giving the girls a lot of responsibility of their own goals and for the summit’s future – the conference is designed to teach the girls leadership skills through direct practice.

As this is the first summit of its kind in the region, it is a very exciting event for our Sega students to be a part of! We are very pleased that five of our students have the opportunity to develop further leadership skills and to be a formative part of the conference’s initial development and growth.

We are very grateful to the Nurturing Minds’ donors who made participation in this summit possible – thank you, thank you!