Sega’s Non-Formal Program

Sega’s Next Class in the Making

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Sega was pleased to welcome 32 “non-formal” students to its campus at the beginning of the new term in January. Non-formal students are vulnerable girls who hope to officially enroll at Sega but have not had consistent schooling growing up (often due to severe poverty or tough situations at home). In order to help these students catch up to specified academic standards and increase the likelihood of their success in secondary school, this “non-formal” year is very important.

Over the next 12-18 months Sega teachers will instruct these girls in English, Math, Geography, History, Kiswahili, Civics and Science. The students will then need to pass an exam and complete Sega’s admissions process in order to be officially accepted and begin Form 1.

The older Sega students have welcomed the new students with open arms and are pleased to have new faces around the campus.