Sega’s Anti-Ivory Club Gets Busy

Students Advocate Against the Ivory Trade


Students at Sega are always busy, but many of them (46 students to be exact) have found time to enthusiastically participate in the school’s Anti-Ivory Club. The Anti- Ivory Club, led by Sega teacher Enock Gray, advocates to save elephants and end the ivory trade.

The club began last January when an American Anti-Ivory organization known as Juliette Speaks asked Sega to be the pilot school in Africa for the Global Youth Against the Ivory Trade campaign. Sega students embraced the invitation and quickly got to work learning about the all the detrimental effects of the ivory trade.

Sega students used their new knowledge to educate others on a local and global scale. Within their community, members of Sega’s Anti-Ivory Club learn about poaching and teach others about the cause by designing posters discouraging the killing of elephants for ivory. On an international level, Sega students join other young adults all over the world to advocate against the ivory trade at political conferences such as the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Additionally, members of the Anti-Ivory Club also have had two very unique opportunities in the recent months. First, students participated in a Skype call between Juliette Speak’s founder, CEO and a young elephant advocate in Hong Kong – an incredible opportunity for Sega girls to directly communicate with and learn from elephant advocates from other continents. Julia Speaks also sponsored a trip to Mikumi National Park for Sega Anti-Ivory Club members, where students observed elephants in the wild – once again an amazing moment for all participants!


Elephant (thumbnail).jpg

Overall, the Anti-Ivory Club is just one example of how Sega students participate in extracurricular activities that broaden their horizons and connect them with their community and other people all over the world.