Nusura Heads Home to Tanzania

Nusura Ends Her Time in the US with Drumming Party and Festivities

Nusura, who has spent the last several months studying at Friends Central outside of Philadelphia, has returned home to Tanzania. Nusura spent her last 5 days in Weston, CT with her sponsor Kendall Webb. As Kendall reports Nusura’s last few days, like her entire stay, were packed with a series of fun activities…. 

“Nusura stayed with my family in Weston, CT for her last 5 days. We had an amazing time. The first day she was with us, we had an African drumming party, that I threw with Ashley Moran and Andrea Metchick. Close to 100 people came to drum and listen to her stories about SEGA, her time in America and her life before SEGA. She charmed everyone with her  heartfelt stories of her life in Africa and all that SEGA has offered her. 

The next day we went to my daughters middle school, where they had read the book Long Walk To Water as a school, which is about the hardship of finding water in Africa, and they had to walk the track with gallon water jugs to simulate the experience. The kids were so amazed to meet her and hear her personal stories of walking 40 minutes  each way daily with her grandmother (starting at a very young age) to carry fresh water. They mostly loved hearing her speak Swahili which sounded so musical, friendly and joyous. 

The highlight was having an intimate dinner at our house with 6 families that currently sponsor girls. Each family wore a name tag with the name and picture of the girl they sponsor, so Nusura felt surrounded by her SEGA friends and was able to talk directly to each sponsor about their specific girl. The sponsors could not ask enough questions about Tanzania. It was a magical night for all.

 Mostly I loved my long discussions with Nusura and our adventures in looking for 150 necklaces for all her SEGA friends. I have had the honor to sponsor Nusura for many years and had spent time with her at SEGA 3 years ago, so it was especially moving to reconnect with her in my own home and bridge that worldly separation. She called me mom and was instantly part of my family. We laughed, shared compassion and bonded in five days. Two strong memories for me were seeing her amazement and joy watching Lion King for the first time and all of us singing songs from Frozen nonstop. She brought warmth, grace and humility into our house and my kids loved getting to know her. 

Thank you SEGA for this opportunity which was as valuable for the Americans meeting Nusura as it was for her visiting this new culture.”

             — Kendall

Above: Drumming party & Kendall Webb, Ashley Moran, Andrea Metchick (Connecticut Regional Committee)

Above: Drumming party & Kendall Webb, Ashley Moran, Andrea Metchick (Connecticut Regional Committee)