International Day of the Girl

Celebrating Girls All Over the World

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October 11th was a special day for Sega students and girls all over the world –  it was the second annual International Day of the Girl Child. This celebration, created by the UN, seeks to advance girls’ rights and acknowledge the unique challenges that girls face all over the world.

As this cause directly relates to all of Sega’s students, the whole school gathered for a special assembly. The amount of work and spirit that went to the celebration was heart-warming. Students from Form 1 and 3 performed skits and speeches, read the Rights of Girls and encouraged all the students to overcome the challenges girls face.  A group of girls from various forms, known as the Confidence Team, performed a skit emphasizing the importance of fostering self-confidence and education in adolescent girls and noted, “Confidence is the only way that will solve those problems…in the streets, there are so many difficulties that girls are found with. But you have to escape them. As educated girls I think we will.” Lastly, Counselor Paulina Rusisye shared words of advice and support.


While the cause behind International Day of the Girl Child is deeply rooted in Sega’s philosophy and acknowledged every day, it was meaningful and fun to have a special reason to celebrate girls’ empowerment all over the world. In summary, as one of the students said, “Girls have rights, to love and be loved in  the society and other places.”