A New and Delicious Business Enterprise

Students Learn Entrepreneurial Skills by Opening a Duka

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At Sega, Form 3 is an exciting year for students for many reasons, but largely because they begin hands-on entrepreneurial experience, a skill that Sega stresses in its curriculum.

In Form 3, students learn about sales, production and running a business. They directly apply this knowledge by taking care of the school’s kuku bandas (chicken coops) and preparing eggs for sale in the local community.

In addition to running the successful egg operation, Form 3 students recently launched an exciting new business enterprise – opening a duka, or small shop, where students sell anything from toiletries to freshly baked goods, including chapatti (fried flat bread) and samosas that the girls make themselves. The girls are having a lot of fun and success getting their duka up and running and so far they have many happy and satisfied customers!

Both the duka and the egg business are examples of enterprises that students could start themselves after graduation in order to make a substantial living. Giving students first-hand experience running these businesses is an invaluable opportunity that will benefit Sega students for years to come.

A huge thank you goes out to all who have helped the girls start these businesses!