SEGA Class of 2017 Celebrates Graduation

On a sunny and breezy Saturday, October 21st, 2017, SEGA celebrated its 5th-ever graduation! It was a beautiful ceremony honoring and celebrating the hard work and perseverance of the 36 girls of the graduating class of 2017. Parents and guests came from far and wide to sing, dance, and cheer. It was a beautiful day and an incredible experience for all involved.

This year’s Guest of Honor was Tanzania’s Regional Immigration Officer, Safina Muhindi. She spoke of the hard work these girls have put into getting to where they are now, and of how their education will serve them for the rest of their lives. The girls also heard from Headmistress Elly Sarakikya, members of the Nurturing Minds Board, and others who applauded their achievements and inspired them to continue dreaming of even greater things. There were wonderful performances, including songs, dances, and dramatic skits, from fellow students and the graduates themselves.

Parents and volunteers got up from their seats to join in the dancing and celebration. One of our volunteers recounted how moving it was to see the joy in the parents watching their daughters graduate. “One mother ran up to the podium to hug the Headmistress and the Guest of Honor after they gave her daughter her diploma,” she said. “The whole day was amazing to witness. You can see what a blessing this education is to the whole family. I’m so happy for these girls.”

Graduation is a good time to remember that only 8% of girls in Tanzania graduate from secondary school. (Brookings Institute) We are so proud of our graduating class for overcoming such odds, and so thankful for all of the teachers, administrators, volunteers, fundraisers, board members, parents, friends, and fellow students who encouraged and supported these girls along the way.

Congratulations, Class of 2017!

Aaron Levenson